Bling Cake

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I had complete carte blanche for this cake.

The specs were: My mum is very OTT and loves bling, so have a ball (which I did). Not too over the top, but classy and fun.

Again, my vanilla sponge with caramel filling, covered in buttercream & then sugarpaste.

A silver shoe completes the look, together with a few blingie balls round the bottom edge of the cake.

And the clients response? ‘You are amazing – you cake is INCREDIBLE! Thank you (again)  for your awesomeness’.

A happy client, i’d say.

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Authored by: Shayne on Saturday, August 6th, 2011 at 17:08
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  1. kim says:

    Hi Shayne.
    I got quite a fright when i logged into facebook to find pics galore of your cake – so impressed where some of the ladies that one even added this delightful creation as her profile pic!
    One of the comments made was – it tastes even better than it looks – which to me says ALOT because it looked amazing.
    Again, thanks for your genius!

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