Winnie The Pooh Cake


A sweet little boy called Noah recently turned one, and it was my priviledge to make his cake. Which had to travel a good 400 km’s to reach it’s destination, but i’m glad to say that it did.

A 2 tier cake. Bottom layer rich chocolate with buttercream frosting and the top layer simple vanilla bean with vanilla bean frosting.

Winnie The Pooh, his hunny pot and presents are all made from sugarpaste.

You have to admit – he’s very cute!

Authored by: Shayne on Monday, October 3rd, 2011 at 19:10
Categories: Cakes

3 Responses to “Winnie The Pooh Cake”

  1. Luwada Isaacs says:

    Noah’s family and friends had a feast with this cake! :) His grandfathers didn’t want us to cut it, it was too beautiful!!! A job well done! And it tasted diiiiiiviiiiiinnne!!!!!!!

  2. The VMCA says:

    You are super talented! I’m flummoxed by sugar paste for basic things like Christmas cake, so to be able to sculpt a genuine Pooh Bear is amazing !

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