Kit Kat Cake

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My eldest daughter recently celebrated her 14th birthday – and this is the cake she requested. She often sits and browses my YM Facebook Page, and I think that she had seen it there.

However, she wanted it topped with Chocolate Easter Eggs as opposed to M&M’s (which it is normally topped with) as her birthday was the day before Easter Weekend.

Birthday Kit Kat Cake

 As I was over the wall with a wedding order I have to admit that I did not bake the cake myself РI bought a Woolies Chocolate Sponge and simply decorated it. Unfortunately the cake was not as tall as the kit-kats used, so I had to cut them, which you can see. But she loved it Рand that is what counts the most!

I have to admit I think there was just too much chocolate!

Thanks for looking!

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