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Train Cake & Train Cookies

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How cute is this cake?

Something I’ve never done before, but loved it. As it was for a 2 year old, we did not use Sugarpaste, just ordinary buttercream frosting.

Wheels were biscuits, and each carriage was filled with sweeties.

Choo Choo Train Cake

Choo Choo Train Cake

I also made some Vanilla Sugar Cookies to go with it.

Super cute (and tasty too!)

Vanilla Sugar Train Cookies

Vanilla Sugar Train Cookies

Thanks for looking!

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13th Birthday Cake

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A good friend of mine from Jhb was coming down to the Eastern Cape during the hols, and it was also going to be her youngest’s 13th Birthday. So she took the opportunity to order a cake from me (distance is always a problem!)

She wanted something girly, but funky without being too frilly.

This is what I created. Vanilla with caramel cream filling.

YM 13 Spotty Cake

Simply covered in bright pink sugarpaste, dots, a crazy crazy bow and a silver no 13.

I really loved creating this – i think maybe because it was for a special friend?

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Polka Dot Peony Cake (inspired by Peggy Porschen)

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A friend of mine in Natal wanted a classy birthday cake for a friend of her’s, here in East London.

I had seen this cake in one of my Cake books, and knew it would be perfect for her.

4 Layers of Red Velvet Cake, sandwiched together with Cream Cheese Frosting and decorated with sugarpaste peonies and royal icing.

Dotty Peony Cake

Closeup of Peony Flowers

Closeup of Peony Flowers

I really, really loved how this turned out.  It often seems so easy to ‘copy’ a cake, but so often it just doesn’t work.  But this time it did.

And i was thrilled :)

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