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French Themed Cupcakes

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My brief for these cupcakes was that they were for a gift for someone who was going on holiday to France and could I please make them French Themed.

Hmmm, had to think about that for a while.

Eventually this is what I came up with.

French Themed Bon Voyage Cupcakes

Turquoise Blue ‘Bon Voyage’, the French Flags and Oh La La and some mini Eiffel Towers.

Vanilla Caramel once again – these are by far my most popular flavour.

Client was thrilled therefore a job well done :)

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Cowboy Cupcakes

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A recent order for a 30th birthday party – the theme was?


So my client asked for Vanilla Caramel and Double Chocolate Cupcakes with Cowboy Toppers.

Vanilla Caramel & Double Chocolate Cowboy Cupcakes

Sheriff Badges, Lassoo’s, Cowboy Hats and Cacti completed the look.

Thanks for looking!

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Pirate Cake & Cupcakes

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What little boy doesn’t love a Pirate (or little girl for that fact)?

Pirate Cake

Cake was Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and Sugarpaste Detail.

My client ordered the cake for J and then 48 cupcakes for the adults. Vanilla with Caramel Creme centre, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting and Chocolate Chip with Chocolate Frosting.

Pirate Cupcakes

Thanks for looking.

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Chocolate Mousse Wedding Cake

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Chantelle recently tied the knot and her wedding cake request was for Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes, together with a small Chocolate Mousse Cake that her and her new husband could cut. The cupcakes would then be served as dessert.

Each cupcake was topped with a swirl of Chocolate Mousse Frosting and then some were decorated with an Ivory Sugarpaste Gerbera.

The 10cm cake was frosted with Chocolate Mousse frosting, and then surrounded with Dark Belgian Chocolate Pencils and topped with fresh gerberas.

Simplicity at it’s best but I’m sure you’ll agree that the overall look is quite breath-taking!

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Minnie Mouse & The Springboks!

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I am very behind in my blog posting. No other reason for this except that I have been busy busy busy. Baby Showers, Valentines Day and birthdays birthdays birthdays birthdays.

So here is a quick photo post of just some of the bakes that have left Yummy Mummy’s kitchen in the last month.

Polka Dot, Dotty Spotty Katie Cupcake - Vanilla 10th Birthday Cake for a very special little client of mine

Happy Day - Decadent Chocolate Cake with Pink Gerberas

70th Birthday Cake - Fruit cake with Sugarpaste Frosting, Lace & Rose Detail

A peek at some of the 200 cupcakes that Yummy Mummy delivered for Valentines Day

Red Velvet Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

Vanilla Caramel Minnie Mouse Dotty Cupcakes

Chocolate Springbok Rugby Cake with Sugarpaste Detail


Heres to a new week and new baking challenges!

Thanks for looking

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Hello Kitty

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It was Taylor’s 4th birthday on Saturday, and she asked me for a Hello Kitty cake.

So this is what she got. A very pink, very girly, Hello Kitty carrot cake, frosted with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and a sugarpaste Hello Kitty.

And a few Hello Kitty Vanilla Cupcakes to go with the cake.

Sweet hey?

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Christmas Cake & Cupcakes


I decided this year to make Christmas Cakes. This was the first time I have done this, and whilst they are fairly time consuming to make (and bake), I feel that they are well worth the effort. I was lucky enough to be given my mother in laws recipe, and it is divine. Jam packed with fruit, nuts, cherries and lots of extras, it is an absolutely delicious cake.

Fruit & Nut Christmas Cake

As I have a wedding cake order for next year, I made a small cake, as a ‘taster’ for my client, but decorated it in the Christmas Theme for fun. Simple, but classy.

Vanilla Christmas Cupcakes

And then my favourite, vanilla cupcakes with white buttercream frosting and Christmas decor. SO pretty. And aqua and white for a change, with silver accents.

Merry Christmas to all of my readers, followers and clients. Thanks for all the support this year – it really has been an amazing year. I have been so blessed by all of you.

Travel safe if you are, and enjoy this special time with your families x

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Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes


I thought I should do a post just about Cupcakes. I make *a lot* of cupcakes. But I don’t always showcase them here on the blog, they normally just get added to the gallery.

So here are some for you to drooool over :)

Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes

Choc Espresso Cupcakes

Chocolate Butterfly & Gerbera Cupcakes

Corporate Cupcakes with Printed Icing Logos

13th Birthday Cupcakes


Now where’s my cup of tea?

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Garden Cake


I recently had a request for a cake for a little girl turning 7 and who was having a “Garden Party’. She did not want the cake covered in sugarpaste, because it was too sweet.

So i decided that simple cake with green buttercream frosting, lots of bugs, bees and flowers would be perfect for her.

This was the outcome.  And I’m pleased to say that she was delighted with it. Yay!

I love the contrast of the pink & green, and also the cute No 7 caterpillar. And just because I had extra cupcakes over from another order, I made a Garden Cupcake too – cute huh?

And with that i’m off to work in my garden!

Happy Weekend all x

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Jungle Safari Cake


One of my recent bakes was for a Jungle Safari Cake. The brief was simple – a green cake featuring a crocodile, lion and snake (as these were the birthday girl’s favourite wild animals) and just her name on top there were very big and jungleish candles to go on top.

So that is what they got – a vanilla bean cake with caramel & vanilla bean buttercream filling, with a sugarpaste covering. And a few wild animals.

The bashful snake and loveable lion.

And my favourite, Ellie Elephant.

Cupcakes accompanied the order, as did Snake Sugar Cookies.

Just the perfect accompaniments to a little girls 6th Jungle Safari party!

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