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Black Forest Trifle

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I made this Trifle as one of our desserts for Christmas Day, but quite honestly, it is something that I will certainly be making more frequently, and not keeping it solely for Christmas Celebrations.

It was made *out of my head* as such, so the quantities are a bit vague, but here goes. It made a large glass dish full, if that’s anyhelp.


1 x Swiss Roll, sliced
2 x Tins Cherries (reserve liquid of one), halved
3/4 cup Cherry Liquer
1 x Punnet Strawberries, halved
1 x Punnet Blueberries
3 x cups cream
4 x Flake chocolates, crushed

Begin by beating the cream with a little castor sugar (about 2 tbs) till thick, but still spreadable.

Next mix the reserved cherry juice together with the cherry liquer.

Line the base of your dish with slices of swish roll. Pour a good amt of liquid over this. Scatter an even amount of strawberries, cherries and blue berries over swiss roll, then pour over some cream. Next sprinkle crushed flake over the cream.

Repeat this process as many times as your bowl will allow. Mine allowed 3 layers. Finish off with a layer of cream, and a lot of crushed flake on top. I reserved 3 strawberries to pop in the middle of the trifle.

Make at least 8 hours ahead, or preferably overnight. Just as a matter of interest, this trifle stayed fresh for almost a week – hard to believe it lasted that long, but with all the desserts available, we really did have to watch our waistlines!

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