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Farmyard Cupcakes


I had a request recently for Farmyard Cupcakes. I’ve been wanting to do these for sometime, so was quite excited when this order came in. My client wanted Cows, Tractors, Pineapples and a Farmer’s Hat.

Farmyard Cupcakes

All fairly easy to make out of Sugarpaste. I pictured gorgeous Black/white cows with pink noses – until she told me that they had to be Brangus/Angus Cows ie brown ones, not Friesland (dairy cows). Now by looking at a black/white cow on a cupcake it is fairly easy to see what it is. Not so with a brown cow! Is it a teddy bear? A dinosaur? A horse? Anyway, after a bit of fiddling i got my cows right. The rest were a breeze. John Deere Green Tractors. So cute. Yellow pineapples. And Brown Farmer’s Hats.  I did a mix of chocolate cupcakes, togethe with vanilla caramel cupcakes.

My client absolutely adored them – as did her father (they were his birthday cake). And obviously my cows don’t look too bad – because I’ve had orders for more!

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Monster Cupcakes


When my daughter celebrated her birthday earlier this year, she requested ‘Monster Cupcakes’ instead of a traditional birthday cake.

So this is what I made:

They were so very simple – i just used a variety of sweets, marshmallows, biscuits and liquorice and got to work creating monster looking cuppies.

She loved them!

And they did taste rather nice too!

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Ladybug Cake

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A cute and fun idea for a 1st birthday cake – a small cake ‘topper’ as opposed to a whole cake, and a few cupcakes too. The ladybug theme is also an easy theme to follow and very cute – well i think so anyway.

Simply a chocolate layer cake, frosted with vanilla buttercream and then the sugarpaste red frosting. Little black dots, together with a couple of sugarpaste ladybugs complete the look.

The cupcakes are simply chocolate, frosted with green buttercream frosting to imitate grass, and a few ladybugs added – cute huh?

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