Halloween Cupcakes


Although Halloween is not a holiday we traditionally celebrate in South Africa, I have had a few requests for cupcakes to celebrate this day. I really had such fun making these – i basically sat down with my sugarpaste and made whatever came to mind.

This is the Halloween Collection – these cupcakes are a combination of plain chocolate and also Orange Velvet (a recent spin off from Red Velvet that is really quite yummy).

The Witches Hat

The Bubbling Cauldron

The Pumpkin

Ghostly Ghost

And a spooky spook

If there is one thing I have learn’t from being in the Cupcake Business – it is to let your imagination run wild and don’t let anything stand in your way!

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Authored by: Shayne on Monday, October 18th, 2010 at 17:10
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2 Responses to “Halloween Cupcakes”

  1. Vanessa MacLeod says:

    You are really creative, you know? I think they all look great – but my favourite is the spook!

  2. imsonotablogger says:

    I experimented with pink velvet the other day, they looked gorgeous.
    v v cute cuppies

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