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Water Polo Cake

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I needed to make a cake for a client who’s son is mad about Water Polo. He is also 15 tho, so i didn’t want to make it to childish. I wanted to keep it simple but still a bit fun.

This is what i decided to do.

A double layer vanilla cake, with caramel inbetween. Simply frosted with buttercream frosting and a sugarpaste ‘Water Polo Ball’.

Clean lines + bright colours = fun!

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Black Forest Cake


I had a request from one of my regular clients, for a ‘different but decadent’ Christmas/Birthday (her birthday falls on Christmas Day) cake.

I didn’t have to think too hard – i knew exactly what I was going to create for her:

A Black Forest Choc Cake.

Simplified version of the orginal one. Double layer moist chocolate cake, sandwiched together with Choc Ganache and cherries, topped with Choc Ganache, Choc Shavings and Maltesers.

The final touch – a wall of chocolate pencils and a pretty pink ribbon.

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Christmas Cupcakes

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It’s that time of year again, and what better way to say thank you to teachers, or show your loved ones you care – than with a cupcake – but, even better, what about a Christmas Cupcake?

These cupcake toppers are all handmade with sugarpaste icing.

Cupcakes can be baked in you favourite flavour, and simply topped with a Christmas Topper to make them look beautiful.

These cupcakes make lovely gifts, or alternatively, you could have them instead of a traditional Christmas Cake.  Or even, just order them because you feel like treating yourself!

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