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Cupcake Birthday Cake

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I have seen these cakes on various baking blogs and finally I am the proud owner of one. I just think that they are gorgeous, and the perfect cake for a number of celebrations. You can use any cake recipe you have, just make sure that the cakes are cooked through and they are different sizes.

I received an order for a birthday cake for a friend – and I decided that I was going to try out my pan. Well, I’m not disappointed. I love how it turned out. I simply covered the bottom half with embossed fondant, and the decorated the top half by using the popular ‘rose swirl’ introduced to us by I am Baker not so long ago.

Then added a few flowers, turquoise sugar pearls and a pink heart.

Simple, but classy. Just like my friend :)

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Tips & Tricks

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I thought I would share a few baker’s ‘tips & tricks’ – to make your baking just that little bit easier.

  • Always use your ingredients at room temperature.  If they are straight out the fridge, chances are your cakes won’t rise as well
  • Don’t skip sieving your ingredients.  You’ll have unwanted lumps and also, very dense cupcakes/cakes
  • Use the best you can afford.  Butter is better than margarine, and the cheapest cocoa on the shelf will not give you that rich,  chocolatey taste that you’re after.
  • Cooking chocolate is horrendous.  Rather spend a little more and buy good quality dark or milk chocolate to cook with – remember the saying when it comes to using wine in cooking?  If it’s not good enough to drink, it’s not good enough to cook with.  Same goes for chocolate!
  • If you are wanting white white frosting, use Wooden Spoon Margarine.  The taste is not the same as butter, but no matter how long you beat your butter for it will never ever achieve the white white look you’re wanting.  Trust me!
  • Gel Food Colourings taste better, use less and give a much better colour and consistency than regular liquid food colourings
  • If you are baking cupcakes and you do not have enough mixture to fill all the ‘holes’ in your tray, fill these with water.  This will ensure your other cupcakes bake evenly

Happy Baking.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions!

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Beach Party Cake

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Oh my goodness – how much fun did I have with this cake?

I have to confess the idea was not mine. I did however tweak and fiddle it somewhat and am completely thrilled with the outcome – as was my 9 yr old client!

It was was very simple to put together. The cake itself was my favourite Vanilla sponge and the layers on each tier were sandwiched together with Vanilla Buttercream & Caramel. All the embellishments were made a couple of weeks prior to the cake, simply using cutters and sugar paste.

And look what we ended up with?

Pretty cool dude :)

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Authored by: Shayne on Thursday, May 5th, 2011 at 15:05
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