Cupcake Birthday Cake

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I have seen these cakes on various baking blogs and finally I am the proud owner of one. I just think that they are gorgeous, and the perfect cake for a number of celebrations. You can use any cake recipe you have, just make sure that the cakes are cooked through and they are different sizes.

I received an order for a birthday cake for a friend – and I decided that I was going to try out my pan. Well, I’m not disappointed. I love how it turned out. I simply covered the bottom half with embossed fondant, and the decorated the top half by using the popular ‘rose swirl’ introduced to us by I am Baker not so long ago.

Then added a few flowers, turquoise sugar pearls and a pink heart.

Simple, but classy. Just like my friend :)

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Authored by: Shayne on Monday, May 9th, 2011 at 11:05
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  1. Vanessa MacLeod says:

    This looks fabulous Shayne! Embossed font nogal, like a fusion of scrapbooking and fondant decor :) Have you seen the Cupcake poppers, and rice krispie cakes all over the web at the moment!? The poppers look a bit OTT, (basically, as you finish one, you push on the stick at the bottom and another one pops up), and the rice krispie thing, is just that, cakes made entirely out of rice crispy treats…

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