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Corporate Chick turned Cupcake Baker Extraordinaire!

When I left the City 6 years ago to marry my farmer husband, the last thing I ever thought I’d ever do was start a Cupcake business.  But I have and I love it.

Time, which before was taken up with traffic, school runs, work, and shopping, was now free time.  So, what else to do but let out those creative juices – you know the ones that usually just stew in between work and traffic?

First came painting, then scrapbooking and now of course creating delish bite size yummy treats!

My favourite part of the whole process is coming up with the ‘décor’ for each occasion and cupcake.  From simple sprinkle topped cupcakes, to more elaborate sugar paste flower topped cupcakes, I love each moment of the creative process. My cupcakes & cakes are baked using organic free range products produced on our farm – free-range eggs, homemade butter and fresh full cream milk and cream. I am constantly trying new recipes to keep ‘up to date’ with the latest trends and tastes in the baking world.

I have a fabulous support base in my 2 girls and hubby.  From chief taster (my 6 yr old) to assistant decorator (my 14 year old) to prt-time delivery man (hubby) my whole family gets involved and encourages me with each step I take.  I cater for small functions – co-ordinating the food and décor as well as creating the yummy eats.

Yummy Mummy also now hosts Children’s Baking Parties.  We offer savoury and sweet options – please email me to obtain further details.

Enjoy the variety featured on the gallery page, and of course feel free to contact me with any orders or questions via the contact page, or via . I am based in the Eastern Cape, just north of East London.

Authored by: Shayne on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 at 06:04