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Farmyard Cupcakes


I had a request recently for Farmyard Cupcakes. I’ve been wanting to do these for sometime, so was quite excited when this order came in. My client wanted Cows, Tractors, Pineapples and a Farmer’s Hat.

Farmyard Cupcakes

All fairly easy to make out of Sugarpaste. I pictured gorgeous Black/white cows with pink noses – until she told me that they had to be Brangus/Angus Cows ie brown ones, not Friesland (dairy cows). Now by looking at a black/white cow on a cupcake it is fairly easy to see what it is. Not so with a brown cow! Is it a teddy bear? A dinosaur? A horse? Anyway, after a bit of fiddling i got my cows right. The rest were a breeze. John Deere Green Tractors. So cute. Yellow pineapples. And Brown Farmer’s Hats.  I did a mix of chocolate cupcakes, togethe with vanilla caramel cupcakes.

My client absolutely adored them – as did her father (they were his birthday cake). And obviously my cows don’t look too bad – because I’ve had orders for more!

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Monster Cupcakes


When my daughter celebrated her birthday earlier this year, she requested ‘Monster Cupcakes’ instead of a traditional birthday cake.

So this is what I made:

They were so very simple – i just used a variety of sweets, marshmallows, biscuits and liquorice and got to work creating monster looking cuppies.

She loved them!

And they did taste rather nice too!

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Wedding Cupcakes

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A couple of weeks ago I met up with a Bride to discuss her wedding cake requirements with her. She had a picture of the cake she wanted, but was unsure of what flavours to have in the three tiers.

So what better way to help her decide than to take with a selection of cupcakes in assorted flavours, including carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, chocolate with mocha frosting, vanilla caramel with vanilla frosting, red velvet with cream cheese frosting and chocolate with chocolate frosting.

Her colours are blue and silver, and she loves butterflies, so I tried to incorporate all of those elements into the design of the decor for the cupcakes. Clusters of mini roses, pearlised butterflies and dainty daisies. I really think that they came out beautifully and look so dainty!

Cupcakes are definately the trend for ‘wedding cakes’ at the moment – a tower of cuppies with a small 10cm diameter cake at the top is definately the way to go. Very little wastage and a good way to incorporate more than one flavour. And who doesn’t love a beautifully decorated cupcake?

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Ruby Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes


Since being in the Cupcake Business, I have learn’t a few things. Whilst people love things looking pretty, they do not love to try new things. The trusted flavours remain the firm favourites in terms of orders that I receive.

Ie, Chocolate, Vanilla & Chocolate Chip. Those are people’s ‘go-to’ flavours when ordering large quantities. I think this is because they are safe. Chocolate in particular. You know exactly what you are getting, no suprises. Especially my chocolate cupcakes – they really are super moist and delish.

So, onto the Ruby Anniversary Cupcakes.

With this order, my client was very specific! I would like chocolate cupcakes. With whatever icing. And for the toppings – go wild – the only requirement is there must be mention of our 40th Anniversary.

I put on my thinking cap – and this is what I created. I loved how they turned out. The toppings were all ‘ruby’ in colour, but then I gave them a quick spray of ‘lustre’ and suddenly they looked pink. But the lustre looks gorgeous together with the pearl centres of the Gerberas.

I still feel like i’m learning. That i’m actually not that good. Perhaps I’m just humble? When I delivered them she was clearly very delighted and just a tad emotional. I almost felt embarressed at how wonderful she thought they were.

But she loved them and that is all that counts – and that she is still so very happily married after 40 years. Wow!

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Soccer Fever

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Ok, so I know that Bafana Bafana are out of the 2010 World Cup, but is that any reason not to still eat cupcakes? Surely not?

On the day of the opening Ceremony, I decided last minute that a celebration of any sort, in our home, just would not be right without Cupcakes.

So this is what I created.

In honour of Bafana Bafana. In honour of South Africa hosting the 2010 World Cup – and successfully i might just add – despite all the naysayers out there. And more importantly, just to eat.

And I have to say that they were simply delish. Simple chocolate cupcakes with coloured buttercream icing in the shape of the SA Flag, and then also mini sugarpaste soccer balls.

Soccer Fever has definately hit our little farming community and Soccer Birthday Parties are the current rage – so these little creations have been ordered more than once and loved by the kids (and adults too).

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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes


Or, Triple Chocolate Cupcakes – but doesn’t Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes sound so much more decadent?

Which, as you can imagine, these cupcakes most definately are.

First the cupcake itself – chocolate with chocolate chips. Then a big swirl of Dark Chocolate Buttercream Frosting – and lastly topped with a variety of Chocolately Treats – for these I chose Espresso Chuckles (Woolies), chunks of Bar One and a Oreo Wafer Cigarellos. And then just for good luck, a good sprinkling of Chocolate Vermicilli.

Decadent, yes?

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Wedding Cupcakes


Here are some cupcakes I did for a wedding recently. The bride did not want to go overboard in the decor or the flavour of the cupcakes. She wanted 90 vanilla and 90 chocolate cupcakes, frosted with a Fluffy Meringue Frosting and sprinkled with assorted sized silver balls.

I did wonder about the simplicity of these cakes, especially as a wedding cupcake, but they were stunning. They tasted delicious – moist and tasty, but the Meringue Frosting really did make the cake. Glossy and luxurious looking.

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