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Rainbow Cake

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I thought I would share with you today, the rainbow cake I made a while ago for a first birthday party.  I don’t normally share my recipes on my blog, however, this is a fun cake to bake (especially for kids) and I’m not really giving away my recipe, just giving you some guidelines to empower you to make this gorgeous cake yourself.

 I started off by mixing a batch of Vanilla Cake that I would normally use to make 2 x 9″ round cakes.  Line and grease your tins – i only have two, so had to re-use them 3 times as there are six colours.  Once you have mixed together your cake batter, divide it equally between six bowls.  I did this by weighing each empty bowl, clearing the scale and then adding in the batter.  I *think*, but cannot quite remember, that I put 150g worth of batter in each bowl, but don’t hold me to that measurement.  Basically you need to finish all your batter between the six bowls.

 You then need to colour each bowl of batter.  I used Cake Flora Gel Colouring in the following colours:


Electric Orange

Egg Yellow

Super Red

Regal Purple

Electric Green

Sky Blue

 You need to add as much colouring to get to the colour you desire.  Remember, the colour of the uncooked batter is that same as the cooked cake – it doesn’t darken or lighten.

 Once you are happy with your colours, pour into your greased cake tins and bake for between 10-15 mins @ 180.  Just keep an eye on them as they are fairly thin. Repeat this process until all the colours have been baked, and then allow to cool.


 I then mixed up a batch of Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and set about assembling my cake.  As violet is the bottom colour of the rainbow i started with that too, adding a thin layer of frosting and topping with your next layer (mine was blue).  Repeat this process until all the layers have been used and then frost the top and then the sides.


 My client wanted this cake covered in Kit-Kats round the side and then topped with M&M’s, but quite honestly – I LOVED the look of the cake without any adornments at all!


 Happy Baking!  And please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions :)

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Kit Kat Cake

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My eldest daughter recently celebrated her 14th birthday – and this is the cake she requested. She often sits and browses my YM Facebook Page, and I think that she had seen it there.

However, she wanted it topped with Chocolate Easter Eggs as opposed to M&M’s (which it is normally topped with) as her birthday was the day before Easter Weekend.

Birthday Kit Kat Cake

 As I was over the wall with a wedding order I have to admit that I did not bake the cake myself – I bought a Woolies Chocolate Sponge and simply decorated it. Unfortunately the cake was not as tall as the kit-kats used, so I had to cut them, which you can see. But she loved it – and that is what counts the most!

I have to admit I think there was just too much chocolate!

Thanks for looking!

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