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Cupcake Cake

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There seem to be a few First Birthday’s around at the moment!

Cupcake Cake

This time a Giant Cupcake, decorated with Sugarpaste cupcakes.  Simple but pretty and not too fussy for a first cake.  Once again Vanilla with Buttercream frosting and then the cupcake ‘liner’ out of sugarpaste.  The cupcakes were made using a mould, and a stripey sugarpaste no 1 sits atop the cake.

Pretty and pink.

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Easy Birthday Cakes (for girls)


I thought I’d post a few pics just to show you all how easy it can be do bake and decorate your own children’s birthday cakes. I’ve taken pics from the last 3 years worth of cakes – they are not perfect, but you can get the general idea:

First Birthday Cake:

So simple – a No 1 – could it be easier? This was a carrot cake, iced in cream cheese frosting and decorated with marshmallow flowers. Relatively easy and oh so pretty?

Butterfly Cake:

This is a chocolate sponge cake which I traced a template of a butterfly onto, and then cut it out. You can decorate it any way you wish, in a myriad of colour and with so many different sweets. Simple buttercream icing is used. A cake like this is quite big tho, so it would be ideal to send to school, or for a BIG party!

Flower Cake:

This cake my 3yr old decided she wanted. And it was so easy! I cut out a template on paper, laid it over a tray cake and voila! You could go to town and ice each petal and the middle differently, but I took the easy route. And she loved it! I think this is a chocolate cake – but you could use any flavour you wished.

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