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Ruby Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes


Since being in the Cupcake Business, I have learn’t a few things. Whilst people love things looking pretty, they do not love to try new things. The trusted flavours remain the firm favourites in terms of orders that I receive.

Ie, Chocolate, Vanilla & Chocolate Chip. Those are people’s ‘go-to’ flavours when ordering large quantities. I think this is because they are safe. Chocolate in particular. You know exactly what you are getting, no suprises. Especially my chocolate cupcakes – they really are super moist and delish.

So, onto the Ruby Anniversary Cupcakes.

With this order, my client was very specific! I would like chocolate cupcakes. With whatever icing. And for the toppings – go wild – the only requirement is there must be mention of our 40th Anniversary.

I put on my thinking cap – and this is what I created. I loved how they turned out. The toppings were all ‘ruby’ in colour, but then I gave them a quick spray of ‘lustre’ and suddenly they looked pink. But the lustre looks gorgeous together with the pearl centres of the Gerberas.

I still feel like i’m learning. That i’m actually not that good. Perhaps I’m just humble? When I delivered them she was clearly very delighted and just a tad emotional. I almost felt embarressed at how wonderful she thought they were.

But she loved them and that is all that counts – and that she is still so very happily married after 40 years. Wow!

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Authored by: Shayne on Monday, June 28th, 2010 at 08:06
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