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Hello Kitty Cake

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A very popular choice for little girls these days – Hello Kitty.
YM HK Round

This one was ordered, together with Hello Kitty Cupcakes and also Sugar Cookies.

I usually try and stay away from doing ‘cartoon characters’ because they are quite difficult to replicate exactly I was however quite happy with the outcome of this one.

A Red Velvet Cake,with Cream Cheese Frosting.

The cupcakes were Vanilla with Buttercream Frosting, and then Vanilla Sugar Cookies.

Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies

Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies

YM HK Cupcakes1

Pretty, and yummy too!

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Mad Hatter Cupcakes

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Mad Hatter Tea Parties/Birthday Parties suddenly seem to be the rage and I have seen some gorgeous creations out there.  So when I was asked to create a selection of 12 cupcakes for a Mad Hatter Tea Party/Fundraising Tea I was very excited, albeit somewhat nervous.  Would I be able to create what my client wanted?

I think that I can safely say that I did.  As there were only 12 cupcakes I decided that each one would be unique.  The cupcakes themselves were Dark Chocolate with Buttercream Frosting.

Top Hat, Magic Key & Door, Ace of Hearts, Mushroom, Chesire Cat & Teapot

I really had such fun doing these.   I veered away from the traditional colours and went for pinks, blues, yellow, green and purples.

Tweedledee (or dum), Crown, Eat Me, Hearts, Pocket Watch & Teacup


Entire Collection

In addition to the cupcakes, I also made some Vanilla Sugar cookies.  Teapots and teacups in the same bright colours.  So incredibly cute!

Vanilla Iced Sugar Cookies

And last but not least, what is a Tea Party without mini Caramel Tarts?

Mini Caramel Tarts

Thank you to my client for ordering these – LOVED every minute and cannot wait to do a Mad Hatter Tea Party again!

Happy Day xx

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Tea Time Treats

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I have had a few requests for Tea Time treats – aside from Cupcakes. So i set to trying out some new recipes and these were the results.

First off, Congo Bars.

When I first baked these I wasn’t too sure. They seemed a little oily to me, so I put them in a tupperware and packed them away for a road-trip I was going on in a couple of days (after baking). Well that certainly did the trick. As a friend’s husband said – ‘they are the perfect combination between crunchy and chewy’. A little bit crisp on the outside, but deliciously chewy on the inside. Very moreish and within no time the *large* tupperware was empty! The perfect tea time treat!

Next up are some biscuits – a variation from the usual Sugar Cookie I normally bake.

In one word? Moreish! I love the sugar cookie – light and tasty with a hint of almond. But with the added dollop of dark chocolate they are even moreish. And bite size too – the perfect size to balance on the saucer of your teacup. And small enough to not feel guilty about having more than 2 (or 10).

The last is a cake – but a *smallish* one – my Dotty Choc Buttermilk Cake.

This cake was absolutely delish. I baked it as a single layer, slightly smaller diameter cake – and it worked perfectly. Dark Choc Buttercream frosting completes the look (and taste) together with some white choc buttons. The buttermilk ensures a moist cake – and it really is very yummy. The perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea. Absolute decadence!

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Quad Bike Birthday Theme


Is this not the most perfect theme for boy?

I thought so.  My client said that her little boy, who was turning 5, loved quad bikes and what could i do?  Hmmm, i did have to think a bit, but in the end decided on a ‘quad bike track’.  This is how it turned out and to say that the client (and her son) were completely thrilled, is an understatement.

I also did cupcakes – Vanilla with Red & Yellow (to match the quad bikes on the cake) Buttercream Frosting and ‘quad bike toppers’ and then others with 5 colourful sweeties.

And to complete the Birthday Package (pls email me if you are interested) my favourite Sugar Cookies – however this time, Spotty Dotty Cookies – aren’t they spottylicious!

I hope that, if nothing else, these gorgeous eats have inspired you to spend sometime in the kitchen, with your kiddies, creating yummy eats for them this weekend!

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First Birthday Cake


I thought that this would be the perfect topic for my 1st official Yummy Mummy Blog post!


I hope that you will return often to enjoy the feast of delightful cakes, cupcakes and other moreish goodies that will be shared with you on this blog.

All the cakes and eats that I produce, are done so using only quality and fresh ingredients.  Home made butter, free-range eggs, hand-milked (is that a word) milk to mention a but a few.

The cake below is one I recently made for a little boy’s first birthday.  The ‘design brief’ was simple – the mom had sent out invites with stars on them, and as her little boy was ‘her star’ she wanted to use stars somehow.

This is what I came up with.  A No 1 cake, decorated with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and Sugarpaste Stars.  Simple – but how gorgeous?

And Star Cupcakes to match – vanilla with Green, Blue & Yellow Vanilla Buttercream Frosting & sprinkled with little Sugar Paste Stars.

And just for fun – Star Shaped Sugar Cookies.  Frosted with Royal Icing and then simply sprinkled with Sugar Paste Stars again.

Aren’t they fun?  This ‘theme’ could so easy be substituted by flowers, butterflies, frogs, dinosours,cars – whatever!

Have cutter, make shapes!

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